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Dental Bridge Work to Prevent Oral Health Care Problems

Our Dental Implant Bridge Procedures Improve Oral Health and Appearance

Dental bridge work (also called a fixed partial denture) creates a permanent bridge between two teeth. For patients with missing teeth, I often recommend the dental bridge procedure. Appearance, oral health and the proper function of your mouth are important reasons for wearing a bridge. A dental implant bridge will protect the shape of your face from the changes that can occur due to missing teeth.

A dental bridge is a very effective way to keep the mouth and gums functioning at their best and significantly improve my patients' oral health and appearance.

Moreover, when a tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth may shift toward the empty space. It is very important to not let this happen as it puts additional stress on both your healthy teeth and your gums. The gum tissue and bone that hold your teeth in place can break down and increase the risk of gum disease. And, teeth that have tilted are very difficult to keep clean and are more at risk of decay.

Depending on the Type of Dental Bridge, They Are Used To:

  • Improve your smile
  • Make it easier to speak
  • Make it easier to eat
  • Keep the shape of your face from changing
  • Maintain your bite
  • Prevent misalignment of your natural teeth

A dental implant bridge replaces your missing natural tooth with an artificial tooth, called a pontic, using the adjacent healthy teeth as anchors, or abutments. The dental bridge work will close the gap and restore your mouth function. Dental bridges are a permanent solution and are not removable.

Getting Your Mouth Ready For a Dental Implant Bridge

First of all, my main goal is to make sure my patients are comfortable. That means adequate local anesthetic to achieve optimal numbness, and the use of nitrous oxide, if needed.

When getting your mouth ready for your dental bridge procedure, I gently shape the adjacent teeth so that the bridge will fit easily onto each of them. During this procedure, I make sure that the area is completely anesthetized and provide nitrous oxide, if necessary. I then take an impression of the area and send it to the dental lab that custom-fabricates your bridge. While you are waiting for your new bridge to be ready, I provide you with a temporary dental bridge that serves as a template for the final restoration.

When your new dental bridge is ready, you will come back to the office for a fitting. I will adjust the bridge so it feels as natural as possible. You will wear it for 2-3 weeks and only when I am satisfied that you are comfortable with it, will I permanently cement it into your mouth.

With good oral hygiene and regular checkups, your dental bridge work should last indefinitely.

Dental bridge work is crucial in addressing the oral health care problems that arise from a missing tooth or teeth. Our dental bridge procedure is arranged to be as comfortable and effective as possible. Your dental implant bridge is important and permanent, so my staff and I put your oral health and comfort before anything else.

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