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Manhattan General Dentist - Dental Exams for Oral Health

A General Dentistry Practice Where Managing Your Dental Care is the Priority

As a Manhattan general dentist, I am licensed to practice all areas of dentistry and am your first line of defense against oral health problems. I consider myself the "conductor" of my dental team – creating and managing all aspects of your dental care.

My goal is to help you to maintain the highest degree of dental health possible.

I am always on the lookout for all the factors that could contribute to deterioration of your mouth and I can recommend the best way to lessen or eliminate those contributing factors through general dentistry procedures.

By performing a complete dental examination, a general dentist can determine the state of your oral health, as well as the state of your overall physical health. And, part of a thorough dental exam is a cancer screening.

Some of The Most Common General Dentistry Procedures We Perform Are:

  • Dental Fillings: As a general dentist in Manhattan, of all the procedures we are licensed to perform, dental fillings are probably the most frequent. When there is damage to the structure of a tooth due to decay, wear or injury, a dental filling is often necessary. My general dentistry practice staff is highly intuitive about how much anesthetic you will need to feel virtually no pain or discomfort while having your tooth filled.
  • Bonding: Dental Tooth bonding procedures are a quick and pain-free way to fill-in cracks, chips, re-shape teeth, fill-in gaps, and to improve tooth color.
  • Root Canals: When a tooth is so decayed that the general dentist can't save it any other way, a root canal procedure is necessary. At my office, this general dentistry procedure is painless.
  • Dental Crowns: A dental crown is a tooth shaped cover that the general dentist places over a tooth to restore its original shape and appearance after root canal or injury. I have performed thousands of dental crown procedures in the almost thirty years I have been in practice as a Manhattan general dentist.
  • Dental Bridges: To replace a missing tooth, a general dentist often recommends dental bridge work. The dental bridge closes the gap, restores your natural mouth function and improves your appearance.
  • Dentures and Dental Services: At my general dentistry practice, I want all my patients to be comfortable and happy with their appearance. So, often I create natural-looking dentures when numerous teeth are missing.
  • Dental Implants: As a general dentist who is trained in implant procedures, I am at once an artist and a doctor. I have many years of experience in dental implant surgery in Manhattan and designing the final restorations.
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction: Combining the art of cosmetic dentistry with the science of neuromuscular dentistry, I provide the high quality of care necessary for a full mouth reconstruction general dentistry procedure.

Our NYC General Dentistry Practice for Comfortable General Dentistry Procedures

Regardless of what general dental procedure you may need, I will always make sure you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible while at my general dentistry practice in Manhattan. Local anesthetic is always used, and nitrous oxide can be administered upon request.

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