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Dental Implants in Manhattan

Natural-Looking Dental Implants in New York City with an Eye for Detail

Dental implants in New York City is at the forefront of modern dentistry. In the past, if a patient had lost numerous teeth, dentists had very few restorative options. Most patients had to live with a dental bridge or even dentures for the rest of their life.

However, modern dentistry has developed cutting-edge dental implant surgery in Manhattan, which enables missing teeth to be replaced with permanent implants that are so comfortable and so natural-looking, they are just like natural teeth.

The happiness and well-being of my patients are my number one concern, and as an implant dentist, I get a great deal of satisfaction from helping them feel and look great.

What Do Dental Implants in Manhattan Involve?

A dental implant is the replacement of the root of a tooth and is generally placed by an oral surgeon or a periodontist. A dental implant is an artificial tooth that is placed permanently into the jaw. It requires careful preparation and an eye for detail. I feel that as an implant dentist, I am at once an artist and a doctor. I have many years of experience in designing dental implants in Manhattan, specifically the final restoration or crown that is affixed to the implant.

If you have lost a tooth or teeth because of disease, decay, or even a traumatic injury, you may want to consider dental implants at our office in New York City. Implant dentists report that in addition to looking and feeling great, their patients experience much less stress to remaining natural teeth after a dental implant procedure, than their denture or bridge patients because the natural teeth being used for support.

Missing teeth can adversely affect your appearance, your speech, even your lifestyle. A healthy smile is very important for self confidence, and as an implant dentist, I am very aware of that fact.

The Advantages of Consulting with an Implant Dentist on Dental Implant Surgery

  • Your missing teeth can be replaced without stress on your remaining natural teeth.
  • Dental implants can support a bridge or eliminate the need for dentures.
  • An implant can help support your denture and make it more comfortable to wear.

Types of Dental Implants

  • Endosteal (meaning "in the bone"): Implant dentists use this type most often. A base is implanted in the bone for the replacement tooth or teeth to sit into.
  • Subperiosteal (meaning "on the bone"): In this procedure, I place a metal frame with anchors on top of the jaw. The artificial teeth are then affixed to the anchors permanently.

More Dental Implants Information

After your initial consultation and examination, the implant dentist will tell you if you are a good candidate. Here are a number of issues to consider before your dental implant surgery in Manhattan:

  • Your Appearance: After I replace your missing teeth you will look and feel as if you never lost them in the first place.
  • Aging: Because the implant dentist permanently affixes your replacement teeth into your mouth, further bone loss and gum recession is prevented.
  • Preservation of Existing Teeth: Unlike dental bridge, dental implants don't compromise the health of any of your remaining teeth. The implant dentist does not need to use healthy teeth as an anchor, which is very positive for the health of your mouth.
  • Eating: Unlike dentures or bridges, dental implants will not interfere with your diet. You will be able to eat and drink everything that you did before you lost your teeth.
  • Success Rate: Implant dentists report that nearly every implant patient has great success with the dental implant prodecure.

Do Dental Implants Require Special Care?

In most cases, I will advise you to treat your dental implants the same way you would treat your natural teeth. That means very conscientious care including regular brushing, flossing and dental check-ups.

As a top dental implant specialist in New York City, I work very closely with you to make sure that you are as comfortable and pain-free during the installation of the dental implants and ask that you periodically come in so I can monitor how your mouth is accepting the new teeth and how you are feeling in general.

For a great smile and extraordinary care, we are right here for you to answer your questions on dental implant surgery and implant dentistry.

Call for an appointment today to discuss your options for dental implant surgery in Manhattan.

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