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What Our Patients Have To Say

A Gentle Gardener

A big man
with deft hands
prunes and shapes
a miniature world

This artist
senses nature's scale
her panoramic view

My dental surgeon
loves learning
knows the whole person
above and below their teeth
beyond their bones

Thanks for your caring and artistry, Jane Herschlag

Dear Dr. Sinkin,
Not only are you a great dentist. you're a great listener. Thanks for being there.

Dr. Sinkin,
I can't stop looking in the mirror. You gave me my smile back. I don't know how you did it, but I'm overjoyed. Even my mother can't get over how wonderful I look. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dr. Sinkin,
Just a brief note to say thank you to you and your wonderful team. I was so scared and nervous and you were all so kind and reassuring. Root canal is painless! I'm kind of looking forward to my next appointment…is that strange? Thanks again.

Dear Dr. Sinkin,
You are a wonderfully gifted dentist and I think your skill is amazing. I always trust that you are doing the work that need to be done. My teeth, my mouth never cause me any problems, and I know that's because of you and how you do it. Coming into the city from Forest Hills can be a pain, but I would not trade you in for another dentist, no matter what. I recommend you with out hesitation. Any patient of yours can consider themselves blessed.

Dear Dr. Sinkin,
Thank you so much for giving me such a great gift….a white bright smile for my wedding! I feel so lucky to have such a special dentist.

"Ever laugh your ass off while in a dentist's chair?
Well, I have.
I had eschewed seeing any dentist for a decade. But, I never miss an appointment with Dr. Sinkin. I've had a lot of dental work done by him, all extremely well-executed, and done more comfortably than I could have hoped. There are so few things in life that anyone can recommend wholly, but Michael Sinkin, my dentist and good friend, is one."

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