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Dental Tooth Bonding Procedure

Cosmetic dentistry bonding is a quick, easy way to a beautiful smile and healthy mouth

Do you have a cracked or chipped tooth? Are your teeth stained? Perhaps you have some teeth that don't match in size or shape. If so, you may be a candidate for our dental tooth bonding procedure. Dental bonding is an extraordinarily effective way to correct these problems and give you a great, natural looking smile.

Cosmetic dentistry bonding is one of the most popular dental procedures at our office. It is a quick and virtually painless way to fill-in cracks and chips, re-shape teeth or even to help whiten severely stained teeth.

The Entire Dental Teeth Bonding Procedure Often Takes Less Than One Hour and Provides Incredible Long-Lasting Effects.

In addition to being practically painless, one of the real benefits of our dental tooth bonding procedure is that it affects your natural tooth very little. In preparation for cosmetic dental bonding, I lightly etch the very top surface of the tooth, and then apply a liquid compound that enables the dental bonding material to easily adhere easily to the tooth.

The Art of Dental Bonding: Coloring and Shaping

In order for dental bonding to be successful, the composite material must be tinted to the exact color of your adjacent teeth. This subtle color matching is a very important skill that takes years to master.

Aside from matching the composite to your natural tooth color, the other real "art" of dental tooth bonding is shaping. After applying the composite, I buff and polish the material so that cracks, chips and discoloration become invisible to the naked eye. When filling-in gaps between teeth or reshaping a tooth, I trim, shape and polish the material to match the exact shape of your adjacent natural teeth.

The Dental Tooth Bonding Procedure in our Manhattan Office is Quick and Painless

Cosmetic dentistry bonding is a fast and easy procedure that has transformed the smiles of many of our patients. It is quick and painless with stunning results.

If you think that dental teeth bonding is something that you would like to explore, call our Manhattan practice at 212-685-3040 for a consultation.

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