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For Your Wedding Day, A Dental Smile Makeover in NYC

An Extreme Cosmetic Dental Makeover For Your Big Day

The big day is coming. You have chosen the flowers, the caterer, your gown and the bridesmaids. Everything is perfect….except your smile! All those wedding pictures are going to reveal your less than perfect smile! Could a NYC dental smile makeover be the answer? There is nothing more beautiful than a dazzling white smile and there are a variety of procedures have made that dream a reality for hundreds of people.

An Extreme Cosmetic Dental Makeover for Brides and Grooms

With the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry, brides (and grooms, too!) are making a smile makeover appointment with their dentist one of the most important steps in the preparation process for their wedding.

As an "extreme makeover dentist," our office offers many solutions that will recreate or enhance your smile. A consultation is the best way to find out what your options are. If your teeth are relatively straight and you have no bite problems or broken, cracked teeth, then a simple teeth whitening procedure may be all you need to take care of tooth discoloration.

  • One-Visit Whitening: Usually completed in just one appointment, our in-office tooth whitening technique is fast, effective and long-lasting. Imagine how wonderful it would be to walk into the dental office with stained, dingy teeth and walk out with a sparkling, wedding-picture-ready smile! We always make custom whitening trays for you to use at home to maximize the results; maintain that bright smile indefinitely; and leave teeth discoloration behind.
  • Dental Bonding: If your teeth are badly stained or damaged, a dental tooth bonding procedure is a technique I may recommend to achieve that extreme cosmetic dental makeover look and feel. Bonding involves a special tooth-colored composite material that is placed over the affected tooth or teeth and then buffed, shaped and polished to look like your own natural teeth. It is very effective if you have just one or two teeth that need treatment. Bonding is a durable and long-lasting way to get a more beautiful smile, fast. This procedure can also be performed in one visit at our office.
  • Porcelain Veneers: For people who have more severe staining or damage caused by injury, medication or inadequate dental care, I may recommend dental porcelain veneers to achieve a dental smile makeover. A porcelain veneer is a permanent, ultra-thin shell that is permanently adhered to your natural tooth. Each one is custom-made to look as good (if not better) than your own natural teeth.

A NYC Dental Smile Makeover Helps You Shine on your Special Day

You will remember your wedding forever, and so will your family and friends. A wedding smile makeover will give you a gorgeous new smile that will still look great long after your honeymoon is over. For an extreme cosmetic dental makeover to take care of issues like tooth discoloration and more, don't wait until the last minute.

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